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Fuel briquettes


Fuel briquettes — alternative to wood or coal type of solid fuel. Fuel briquettes appeared on the
construction market recently. However, thanks to its qualitative characteristics, they quickly became

The main reasons for suchincr eased characteristics:

An excellent feature of fuel briquettes is the small amount of ash remaining after their combustion.
Approximately, ash reaches 1% of the total volume of briquettes. Such combusiton is due to the high
density of the material. Sawdust and other remnants do not contain wood resins.
Ecology of briquettes is indisputable — they are made exclusively from compressed sawdust of natural
wood. It is not necessary to add glutinous composition as there is suitable component (lignin) in the
composition of wood, which fastens sawdust.

The high density of the fuel briquettes from 700 to 950 kg/m3 allows the combustion period to be
doubled (compared to birch wood).
Absence of moisture allows to release more heat from briquettes. Fuel will quickly burn and will not
waste energy on evaporation of moisture.