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Painted fiberboard


For many years Uniplyt remains the only producer of decorated fiberboard in Ukraine, and now we proudly announce the introduction of 3D-top coat application technology onto painted fiberboard surface.
Painted fiberboard is made by applying the paint using deep offset printing method onto the fiberboard base produced by Uniplyt. Its surface is hard, durable and resistant to dirt.
Paint finish in service keeps its original form and color unchanged.
Decorative coating is made from waterborne paints, which are used for the production of environmentally friendly fillers.
Painted fiberboards by Uniplyt don’t contain any harmful substances and meets the requirements of GOST 8904-81 .



Technical data

Mechanical properties Unit GOST 8904-81
Hardboard covered with lacquer coverage
Board thickness mm 2,5
Thickness tolerance mm ± 0,3
Length and width tolerance mm ± 3
Squareness mm /m ≤2
Edge straightness mm /m ≤1
Moisture content % 2-10
Density kg/m3 ≥850
Bending strength N/mm2 (МPа) ≥33
Resistance of the paint coating to:
- water;
- mineral oil;
- suds 0,5%
2 hours
2 hours
≥ 6 times x 15 min
Adhesion (degree of paint material attachment to the surface of fiberboard according to GOST 8904-81) no less than 3 points