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Plywood outperforms all substitute wood-based panels in the market today. A highly stable panel, even when exposed to moisture or high humidity, it is up to seven times more resistant to swelling than substitute wood-based panels. Plywood also returns to its original dimensions when it dries.
Our birch plywood is an engineered panel manufactured by laminating layers of wood veneer together with resin adhesive under heat and pressure to form a strong, stable, durable panel of three or more layers.
These layers, or plies, of wood veneer are peeled from logs chosen for their quality, symmetry, straight grain and size.
Uniplyt plywood is made from rotary-cut veneer on our mill located in Dzvynyach, Ivano-Frankivsk region. Quality control checks are performed at every stage during this process to ensure veneer is of uniform thickness and consistent quality.


Why Uniplyt Plywood?

Plywood is rated for interior or exterior use depending upon the adhesiveness of the glue line and the quality of veneer. We at Uniplyt offer plywood for both INTERIOR and EXTERIOR use.

Outstanding Quality

Our plywood corresponds to the highest quality standards: GOST 3916.1-96, meeting all the features expected from a premium structural panel.

Superior Wet Performance

Uniplyt plywood endures wet environmental conditions and birch has consistently shown superior resistance to warping even under extreme play of weather.


Plywood is the most versatile and widely used building material for construction and do-it-yourself projects in the market today. Some of its applications include:

Environmental Specifications

Uniplyt plywood is sourced from efficiently managed sustainable forests. All the wood entering our facilities is entirely consumed within our manufacturing process leaving nothing to waste.
In 2012, we introduced the FSC Chain of Custody which assures customers that the fibers in the supply chain come from sources that comply with applicable regulations and sustainable resource standards. The standard also certifies avoidance of procuring fiber from controversial sources.  More information about Uniplyt certifications is available here: info.fsc.org